JSON-LD Community Group Telecon

Minutes for 2013-10-22

  1. Bug in @reverse algorithm
  2. Proposed Recommendation Plan
  1. Apply the fix to the @reverse algorithm as detailed by Markus and merge the fix into the JSON-LD Algorithms prior to Proposed Recommendation publication.
Manu Sporny
Niklas Lindström
Manu Sporny, Niklas Lindström, Gregg Kellogg, Paul Kuykendall, Markus Lanthaler, David I. Lehn
Audio Log
Manu Sporny: today: 1. the bug with reverse + id, 2. going to PR [scribe assist by Niklas Lindström]
Niklas Lindström is scribing.

Topic: Bug in @reverse algorithm

Manu Sporny: pierre-antoine found a bug with the reverse algorithm; verified by gregg and markus. Proposals to address the bug bug Markus and Dave. Markus' proposal is merged into the spec
Gregg Kellogg: I implemented Markus' change and passed the test. Dave commented an alternative solution, but since that's based on an algorithm divergence, it can't directly be used.
Gregg Kellogg: and that fixes the JS impl.
… we need to prep the spec for transitions today, and update reports
... strictly, we may have until the transition meeting, but having them 'til tomorrow should do
Niklas Lindström: I just checked my rdflib version as well, so this works. This was a bug, nothing that should be construed as an intentional change. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
dave longely has updated the JS, PHP and Python impls.
Gregg Kellogg: the purpose of the CR phase is to find problems just like this.
PROPOSAL: Apply the fix to the @reverse algorithm as detailed by Markus and merge the fix into the JSON-LD Algorithms prior to Proposed Recommendation publication.
Niklas Lindström: +1
Manu Sporny: +1
Gregg Kellogg: +1
Paul Kuykendall: +1
Markus Lanthaler: +1
RESOLUTION: Apply the fix to the @reverse algorithm as detailed by Markus and merge the fix into the JSON-LD Algorithms prior to Proposed Recommendation publication.

Topic: Proposed Recommendation Plan

Manu Sporny: I went through the mailing list and looked for any comments not tracked. We've sent out responses on all but one issue.
… The one just resolved. I'll send out a response to Pierre-Antoine.
Markus Lanthaler: are mails to the list official comments?
Manu Sporny: no, not formally. But it's a good practise to operate like this.
Markus Lanthaler: agreed.
Manu Sporny: all of these are tracked in the RDF WG tracker.
Simon made an official reponse on explaining @type, with suggested editorial changes.
Markus Lanthaler: we could pick the wordings we like
Gregg Kellogg: do we have a note for the uses of type?
Markus Lanthaler: yes, in 6.4
Gregg Kellogg: if it was formatted as a Note, it should make it easier for people to pull that in
Manu Sporny: I agree.
Markus Lanthaler: in which section, 5.4 or 6.4?
Gregg Kellogg: or two notes...
… and these sections could reference each other.
… up towards the top of each, add notes to address Simon's desired wording
Manu Sporny: In section 5.4, towards the end, we do spell it out though..
Gregg Kellogg: it's really a matter of formatting them
Markus Lanthaler: from an rdf point of view, that distinction is since literal's can't be subjects in RDF
Markus Lanthaler: editorial changes like this (formatting notes) could be postponed to after PR
Manu Sporny: once we put it up as a PR, the voting is on accepting it as is (apart from e.g. spelling errors)
… If we introduce new language, we may diverge from RDF concepts..
… the best right now is to put notes in to emphasize this.
... we could put the last part of 5.4 as a note block.
Niklas Lindström: Yes, the text at the end of section 5.4, that should be a note. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Markus Lanthaler: and not introduce new concepts like node type and value type.
... could otherwise affect the api spec..
Manu Sporny: any objections? [none]
Manu going through the issues, ensuring that we've resolved and responded
Markus Lanthaler: Shall we merge https://github.com/json-ld/json-ld.org/pull/303 now (make API non-normative)?
Gregg Kellogg: I think it's good.
Gregg Kellogg: we need to dicuss the timeline for preparing the documents
Manu Sporny: we're planning a transition call on october 30th
… the PR document to be done then
... we need the notes and merge the pull requests
Markus Lanthaler: and to write the PR request (the document, who reviewed, etc.)
Manu Sporny: same as before, for CR (the wiki page), plus the additions made during CR
[mlnt will make a draft, gkellogg and m4nu will review it before tomorrow's call]
Manu Sporny: plus references to the 4 issues, how we ruled, and the responses
Markus Lanthaler: the proposed date is the 5th of november (made during the last RDF call)
... before the moratorium
Gregg Kellogg: the RDF concepts should be in CR by then
... hopefully
Manu Sporny: I'll add the note, markus will merge the pull requests plus fix the wiki page for PR req. tomorrow
Gregg Kellogg: people should send in updated earl reports if they can
Gregg Kellogg: and send links with the updates to the public-rdf-comments
Paul Kuykendall: so the json-ld test-suite is completely up to date?
Markus Lanthaler: yes
Gregg Kellogg: I just came across these respec issues
David I. Lehn: bye