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Minutes for 2018-01-08

Gregg Kellogg: Voip 0302 is azaroth
Niklas Lindström: Can’t hear you. [scribe assist by Gregg Kellogg]
Niklas Lindström: Hm, no, I hear nothing... I'll try another device.
Gregg Kellogg: Void: 0306 is Herm
Dave Longley is scribing.
Gregg Kellogg: How to scribe a meeting:
Robert Sanderson: We hear you, Niklas
Niklas Lindström: Weird, I heard nothing; and lost the carriee.
Paul Warren: Paul Warren also here on the same line as Herm
Gregg Kellogg: Hi Paul!
Niklas Lindström: Can you hear us now? [scribe assist by Robert Sanderson]
Eleanor Joslin: Eleanor Joslin here on the same line as Herm and Paul
Robert Sanderson: Great to have such a turn out :)

Topic: Introductions

Gregg Kellogg: I'm Gregg Kellogg, one of the editors on the 1.0 spec, and I've been doing a fair amount of work pushing the 1.1 spec forward. I'm mostly independent but also affiliated with Spec Ops.
Robert Sanderson: I'm Rob Sanderson, I followed along the 1.0 work and we've become more deeply involved using JSON-LD 1.1 features in a couple of situations. Including IIIS, which uses several 1.1 features and new language map functionality and in the cultural heritage domain we use it in linked arts -- trying to provide linked open usable data with museum objects and so forth.
Herm Fisher: I'm involved with XBRL a standard on XML base. Financial reporting for bank transfers, securities, for US/China/etc. Trying to move forward using JSON. Trying to get a better understanding of how to fit into the JSON-LD work.
Paul Warren: Technical director at [fill] International, we're currently using JSON-LD in one of the drafts for XBRL.
Eleanor Joslin: I'm a developer, here for the same reason as Herm and Paul. [missed]?
David Newbury: Enterprise software architect with Rob, many of the projects we're doing involve JSON-LD in various forms.
Paul Warren: Technical director at xbrl International
David Lehn: I'm with Digital Bazaar, been working on JSON-LD for quite some time, been around for quite some time working on JSON-LD libs and helping with specs as I can.
Dave Longley: I work with Digital Bazaar, I worked a lot on the 1.0 spec; I also maintain Javascript, Python and PHP JSON-LD libraries [scribe assist by Gregg Kellogg]
Paolo Ciccarese: Focus on biomedical data, hence main interest in JSON-LD, worked with Rob.
Chris Webber: I'm Chris Webber, I work with Spec Ops. Also a recently implementer of JSON-LD for Scheme, also did partial implementation for Guile. I may not been on many calls but around from time to time.
Robert Sanderson: Proposal is that, at least for the mean time, we have a call every 2 weeks at this time. Trying to just get through the issues, get outstanding issues discussed, etc.
Dave Longley: Sure, just que me in :) [scribe assist by Niklas Lindström]
Niklas Lindström: Cue...
Robert Sanderson: We'll probably keep using this call bridge, it has some nice tool integrations, but niklasl_ is having some difficulties so if others do as well we'll look into other options to make sure everyone can participate.
Niklas Lindström: Yes
PROPOSAL: same call every other week at this time.
Gregg Kellogg: +1
Robert Sanderson: +1