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Minutes for 2022-08-03

Juuso Autiosalo is scribing.

Topic: Announcements and Introductions

Topic: TPAC Planning

Gregg Kellogg: Doodle poll for attendance
Gregg Kellogg: Please indicate on the Doodle poll what hours you might attend, either in person or remote.
Gregg Kellogg: We'll focus on YAML-LD issues in the first couple of hours and move on to other JSON-LD issues and liaison later.

Topic: Approve Minutes

Gregg Kellogg: TPAC coming in september, four hour timeslot. Hopefully 2 hours for YAML-LD. Put up a Doodle poll. Organized as hybrid event.
Gregg Kellogg: Without objections, minutes approved.

Topic: YAML-LD

Gregg Kellogg: Yaml-ld#65
Gregg Kellogg: Without objection merge #56
Gregg Kellogg: Converting YAML to internal representation: We shouldn't have to work on, but have to. Comments? No objections.
Benjamin Young: +1 To holding off until further exploration of extended profile happens
RESOLUTION: hold off on merging #70 until more discussion of an extended profile.
Gregg Kellogg: Serializing JSON or YAML literal in YAML-LD
Gregg Kellogg: Any opinions on how to deal with JSON objects in YAML?
David I. Lehn: I am behind in following the issues to provide meaningful input to conversation. Looks good.
Ghurlbot has joined #json-ld
Gregg Kellogg: IMO, the main issue is simply turning YAML into the internal representation.
Gregg Kellogg: Best thing to do is to simplify as far as possible.
Gregg Kellogg: Point of JSON literals is to serialize in RDF and not so much on YAML etc.
Gregg Kellogg: IMO any JSON-lD processor should be able to deal with alias nodes that are not ill formed.
Anatoly Scherbakov: Agree on the main idea of the issue: standard processor must be able to convert JSON-LD to YAML-LD. Also, convenience context is great idea.
Gregg Kellogg: Agree. also vice versa transformation should work as well.
Gregg Kellogg: Context can't be aliased on the first time it is being used, but could be aliased after that, but the group has agreed that it is not necessary
Benjamin Young: `@Context` signals that you're looking at JSON-LD in the same way that `$schema` does for JSON Schema. I'd be opposed to allowing it to be aliased (as I'd also opposed that in the WG) as it's a clear signal and makes processing and finding JSON-LD (and eventually YAML-LD) much simpler (especially if the file extension is generic `.json` and if there is no media type provided)
Anatoly Scherbakov: Group might want to share information on YAML-LD. Should we publish a website to help developers? E.g. including a playground, translation libraries in different languages. Do you think this would be good idea?
Benjamin Young: Promotion is good idea. However, the JSON-LD website is enough, as there is not so much people in the community. We could e.g. enable YAML-LD in the existing JSON-LD playground.
Benjamin Young: +1 For promoting YAML-LD on (and happy to help make that happen)
Gregg Kellogg: needs a page for YAML-LD to promote it. Would like to see the playground support YAML-LD and it should be possible. However, might be still useful. Its playground could be a version of the JSON-LD playground. Would anatoly be available to lead the new website?
Anatoly Scherbakov: May not have time and language profiency to implement. Main concern was to ask if there is interest in this.
Gregg Kellogg: The existing page is actually in PHP. Benjamin has experience in this
Gregg Kellogg: A quick search whois is available
Benjamin Young: GitHub Pages is probably not good as technology has evolved. was registered in 2018, maybe by someone we know. Also, the semantic web is already filled with dead links because of dead domain names.
Benjamin Young: has good reputation. But still the community is limited, so concentrating efforts would be good idea.
Benjamin Young: Extending the playground would be most useful effort
Gregg Kellogg: Jsonld.js is now official library for RDF. Would be useful for people to work on it.
Gregg Kellogg: Generate issue on promotion?
ACTION: gkellogg to create issues for updating for yaml-ld
Created -> action 786 create issues for updating for yaml-ld (on ) due 10 Aug 2022
Benjamin Young: Issue to create a page for YAML-LD

Topic: Next call

Gregg Kellogg: I will create some issues
Gregg Kellogg: Anyone not able to attend next time? => no mentions