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Minutes for 2023-05-03

Gregg Kellogg:

Topic: JSON-LD WG issues

Niklas Lindström: +1
Gregg Kellogg is scribing.
Gregg Kellogg: The project shows a large backlog of issues.
Niklas Lindström: I haven't looked at all the issues here, just those I've raised.
... I wonder if it's worthwhile to start merging things.
Gregg Kellogg: What does it take for the WG to allow editorial and substantive PR merges to the JSON-LD specs?
... What do we need to do to be sure the ED is in sufficient state to update/CR?
Pierre-Antoine Champin: Don't think we need to go through CR?
Gregg Kellogg: What process did the group go through?
Pierre-Antoine Champin: There's a revision history. "Changes since Recommendation".
Gregg Kellogg: There must be cases where process requires going back through CR.
... There is a ReSpec feature for adding commit messages to the document.
... Process requires wide review of changes.
David I. Lehn: Is there a list of items in the project page?
Gregg Kellogg: The list is currently manually managed, could use some automation.

Topic: JSON-LD-star

Gregg Kellogg: Something the group might need to look at after another REC.
David I. Lehn: Would that be a 2.0?
Niklas Lindström: I don't know what the definition for backwards compatible would be, if we add annotations if we add node references?
... You could have code that looked at the number of keys to determine if it's a node reference.
Discussion about what it means to be "backwards compatible".
Niklas Lindström: I need to write up more about our RDF-star use cases. For example, "atomic provenance".
... Back to JSON-LD: two of my issues relate to the behavior of implementations vs the spec.
Niklas Lindström: This issue is about processing a revers term. The behavior of the algoritm would be consistent with implementations if the added text was added.
... I think that the implementations are right, and the spec should be updated.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: I'm assuming that this is under-tested as well?
Niklas Lindström: I have about three things that don't process properly without this change.
Ted Thibodeau Jr.: The question is what behavior is actually correct, so there shouldn't be patent considerations in dicussing it in the CG.
... We need to draw a line between the CG and WG. The rules are different.
... Some topics need to be disucssed in the WG.
Gregg Kellogg: Issues up for discussion need an owner, and people need to prepare for discussion.

Topic: next call

Gregg Kellogg: Next call on May 17th and moving to every-other week meetings.
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