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Minutes for 2023-08-23

Gregg Kellogg is scribing.

Topic: Announcements and Introductions

Gregg Kellogg: Suggest skippping sept 6 meeting due to unavailability of chair
Gregg Kellogg: Joint meeting with RCH and WoT at TPAC, details to come.
Gregg Kellogg: Remote participation at TPAC can be effective.
Niklas Lindström: I'd like to participate in some of the meetings.
Anatoly Scherbakov: I'm traveling on September 6th.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: I might also be unavailable on Sep 6
Gregg Kellogg: September 6th meeting is canceled, next is September 20th.

Topic: YAML-LD

Anatoly Scherbakov: Since our last meeting, a couple of PRs have been opened and merged.
... Most important thing is the test suite, where I made some changes.
PR json-ld/yaml-ld#117 is in the test suite. -> Pull Request 117 Rename test file (PR #8 for issue #94) (by anatoly-scherbakov)
.. In implementing a plugin, I created a test runner to implement the tests and realized that implementing a YAML-LD plugin is not entirely sufficient.
... What I need is an implementation of the JSON-LD API for YAML-LD, making a new library.
... I'm exploring that implementation, based on PyLd.
... In addition to the JSON-LD API methods, it needs to do some YAML-specific verification.
... I'll try to improve the test suite to cover more areas that aren't covered.
... I don't anticipate any large changes to the spec.
Gregg Kellogg: Need to decide what to do with extended tests.
Anatoly Scherbakov: I'll see if we can move any of those over.
Gregg Kellogg: I"m behind in my implementation

Topic: JSON-LD Issue Discussion

Subtopic: w3c/json-ld-syntax#418 -> Pull Request 418 Update references to RFC3987 with RDF12-CONCEPTS. (by gkellogg) [spec:editorial]
Gregg Kellogg: RDF 1.2 defines IRIs now, so makes sense to start updating references.
... Also may allow updating text direction.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: It may be questioned if it is in scope for a maintenance group.
Gregg Kellogg: JSON-LD-star may also need to reference RDF 1.2.

Subtopic: w3c/json-ld-framing#154 -> Pull Request 154 Change IANA Considerations to make the profile parameter required (by gkellogg) [spec:substantive]
Gregg Kellogg: Udpates profile parameter for framing IANA considerations.
Ted Thibodeau Jr.: The idea was for using application/frame+ld+json, but it feels odd right now.
But, I do like using a full URI for that parameter.
... Not all specs use full IRIs for profile parameters, which can be simple text.

Subtopic: w3c/json-ld-api#559 needs more feedback. -> Pull Request 559 Add JSON literal tests. (by davidlehn)

Subtopic: w3c/json-ld-framing#146 -> Pull Request 146 fixed frame on type `@json` (by pasquale95)
Gregg Kellogg: Tagged with defer-future-version.
Gregg Kellogg: I think it is actually a necessary change.
... Seems like a change we do want to make, though.
David I. Lehn: I think we could use more tests for this part of the spec to make clear what the expected behavior is.

Subtopic: w3c/json-ld-bp#44 -> Pull Request 44 Update specStatus to "unofficial". (by gkellogg)
Gregg Kellogg: WG could decide to publish the best practices, which would indirectly solve the problem.
Gregg Kellogg: Last published version is a bad link.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: This version link points to a TR space URL, which doesn't exist.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: Setting specStatus to 'ED' seems to do the right thing:
Pierre-Antoine Champin: Ah, no, not the "latest published version"...
Gregg Kellogg: Maybe can be discussed at TPAC.
... Or, the maintanence group could just go ahead and publish the note
Niklas Lindström: Still a bunch of fixmes left, and some other incomplete text.
Niklas Lindström: Seems to be missing some examples
... Best to accept the PR, change to "unofficial", and try to get some examples.
David I. Lehn: Maybe related
Ted Thibodeau Jr.: Pushing it as a note, does not imply it is complete.
... We could do that at any time.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: +1 To publish it as a draft note, and the set the editors' draft specStatus to ED
Gregg Kellogg: How do we proceed with a request to publish as a draft.
... Probably needs a WG resolution to published.
Benjamin Young: We need to get the group together.
PROPOSAL: publish Best Practices as DRAFT NOTE
Gregg Kellogg: +1
Benjamin Young: +1
Pierre-Antoine Champin: +1
Niklas Lindström: +0
Gregg Kellogg: This a CG resolution, and bigbluehat will send a WG email to suggest doing this publication.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: Currently, we have no chair, so can't really do that. Probably fixed at TPAC.
... People have changed affiliations before, and that hasn't been a problem. I'm meeting with Phillipe to tomorrow, and maybe we can resolve that.

Subtopic: w3c/json-ld-api#558 -> Issue 558 Compaction cannot round-trip terms using `@container: @list` and `@type: @vocab` (by niklasl) [spec:enhancement] [spec:substantive] [ErratumRaised]
Niklas Lindström: Not sure I've discussed in a meeting.
... Basically, if a JSON-LD context has a term which is a list container with type vocab, it expands as expected, but not compact as expected.
... It's not a bug, per se, as it compacts, but creates an unexpected result.
... I uupdated my implementation, and I don't believe it has any adverse side-effects. It introduces a new sub-algorithm, so it's normative, but pretty simple.
... I wouldn't expect it to land until JSON-LD 1.2.
Gregg Kellogg: Can proceed with a PR given sufficient support.
Niklas Lindström: I'll work on a PR.
David I. Lehn: Do such issues need to be open?
Gregg Kellogg: It would be nice to clean up the issue list.
... Ivan's implementation drives the errata document
Pierre-Antoine Champin: I haven't spent time on it, but we should be able to change it if necessary.
... I think things should change in errata until the updated spec is in PR.
Pierre-Antoine Champin: I'll look at the code to see what it does, and what we can do.

Topic: Open Discussion

Benjamin Young: The meeting time has become very difficult, like to see if we can change to a different time.
... Maybe we could bump to Thursdays.
Gregg Kellogg: I'll send a doodle, and see how people would feel.
... Potentially, and how earlier on thusdays.
Anatoly Scherbakov: Fine for me too