JSON-LD 1.0 Playground

Play around with JSON-LD markup by typing out some JSON below and seeing what gets generated from it at the bottom of the page. Pick any of the examples below to get started. The playground uses the jsonld.js processor which conforms to the JSON-LD 1.0 syntax and API recommendations and the framing unofficial draft.

NOTE: This is a snapshot of an older playground supporting JSON-LD 1.0. A version that supports recent features and has a JSON-LD 1.0 compatibility mode is available.

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Key Autocomplete
all of the @ keywords
available keys in @context


New JSON-LD Context


PEM-encoded Private Key

Bitcoin (ECDSA Koblitz) Private Key for Signing

Bitcoin (ECDSA Koblitz) Public Key for Verification

NOTE: A remote context that is not known to be fully working yet was detected in your input. If you wish, you can use an alternative context created by the JSON-LD community to process your document nevertheless.

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